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KCG Designs:
KCG Designs began in 1981 at a time when I was a stay at home mom, who was raising two sons. 
Our family did a lot of entertaining back then and I wanted to use table linens that were different in shape, color and style. 
The linens that I came across were all the same with no variations, so I started to create my own unique line of table linens as well as other items for the home.
As a student of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York; I learned the basics of designing fashion and interiors.  I also learned to do textile design which was applied to some of the fabrics that I still do today.  I would dye the fabrics, silkscreen prints or hand stencil the designs. 
Since then, the table linens have gone as far away as Italy, Paris, Mexico, Spain and Britian.  Afterwards, I started concentrating on other items such as pillows, beaded sachet holders, painted victorian screens, floorcloths and then children's wear, which I call Snowflake & Co.
My then husband, helped me to put a lot of the designs together.  After his death in 1989, everything was put on hold until recently.
I hope that you enjoy what I have designed and continue to enjoy what I design in the future.
August 2004 -
KCG Designs has become the proud sponsor of Donna Matthieson, who recently became the first Aboriginal women to become a professional golfer with the LPGA of the United States, The GPGA of Canada. 
We congratulate Donna on becoming an important part of the Ladies Professional Golf Association.  Donna is currently with Assiniboine Golf Course, in Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada. 
Look for Donna in the future in various golf tournament that she will be participating in.
Update:  Sept/04
Recently, Donna Matthieson has been taken under the wing of Sandra Post in Toronto as her coach.  Sandra Post was Canada's first women player on the LPGA Tour to play in the United States. 
All the very best Donna and congratulations!
April 20, 2005
 KCG Designs has decided to give some space to PlatinumBlack. An up and coming hiphop, bebop and a funky kinda rap group, here in Winnipeg, Manitoba. 
Big things will come from this group of young men.  So keep an eye on them!
To reach them by email: info@platinumblack.ca; or you can go to their website and check it out; www.platinumblack.ca 
All the best of luck!  To Addison and his home boys!
Good Morning Corky,
I just received your items in the mail and found them to be absolutely beautiful!  People were asking me where I got them? They have never seen anything like these.   I said that there is a lady in Winnipeg who makes them.  So I will be ordering more of these as gifts for a few of my friends.  They also like the idea that you can change the potpourri when you want to change the scent.
Snowlake, Manitoba
Dear Corky,
The Silk India Purse that I purchased for my grandmother as a birthday gift was unique and beautiful.  She loved it!  I didn't realize that you did that kind of beautiful work until I saw a sample. 
What a lovely idea.
Pia Klassen
Hi Corky,
Someone in Australia sent me a gift that you made.  It is absolutely beautiful.  It is a gift that I will treasure for many years to come.
Mrs Janet Myers
Sydney, Australia
Hi Corky,
I recently received a lovely wedding gift from someone who was visiting Canada and brought back a set of glass beaded napkin rings. 
The glass beaded napkin rings are absolutely beautiful!  They go perfectly with my decor.  I recently had a few people over for dinner and was asked where or from whom I received the napkin rings from.  So, you should be hearing from them soon!
Sarah McCartney
London, England


What I know for sure............

" I believe in what I do and what I create. It makes me feel good

when someone uses or receives an item, that I have created with

pride, no mater where in the world it ends up going and

what it's final destination is or purpose that it is used for. 

To me everything is art and art is everything.

 Everything around me is a source of inspiration to create

things of beauty.  I am grateful for the creative talent that

God has given me and believe that if we look around us,

 we can see all things as something of

 beauty that God has created."


are two words that you should always say;
No matter what you receive.

Be grateful for everything that you already have in

your life and for what you receive daily.
Life is very brief and short. Everyday is a gift from God
Tomorrow is not promised

KCG Designs


In Memory
It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of my mother-in-law, Doris Schmautz-Dignard, who passed away on May 15th, 2005.  On the KCG Home Designs page, go to "Beaded Sachets" 
There you will find, "Dolly's Silk Purse".  
Proceeds from this particular item, will go to the
Winnipeg Humane Society In her memory. 
"Dolly, you will be sadly missed by all of us in the family"
Love from all of us, You will remain in out hearts forever
Norman,Corky, Sandi, Kenny, Chrissy, Selby, Mattieus, Nicholas, Graham, Seth, David, Jag-a-muffin and Cannelle
In Memory
It is with great sadness, that we announce the passing of
Pola Goldberg, November 3, 2007
(Mother of Chuck Yechel Goldberg)
You will be sadly missed by everyone in the entire Goldberg family.
To Chuck, Joseph and Pola, you are now at peace.
You will remain in out hearts forever remembered
Ida, Mark,Benjamin,Adina,Joshia,Hy,Laurie and Corky
and all of the grandchildren

Maria Mongello-Glass - 2007
A long time friend that I met over 50 years ago.
You were one of God's angels that was put on this earth
and now you have joined Johnny Glass.
You were such a kind person full of life with a "Back at you " attitude.
I will miss you old friend and the many times that we share conversation.
Always in the hearts of those you leave behind.
Those memories will be etched in my mind forever.
Aunt Rose, Anne Mongello, children, grandchildren, cousins,
Mary, Joann and Carole, her children and grandchildren
and Corky Karen Goldberg-Schmautz (from Canada)

Robin Dale Boyce
Aug 3, 2008
It is with deep regret that we announce the passing of Robin Dale Boyce
at the young age of 53. He was my husband (Norm's) cousin.

In August of 2007, Robin was diagnosed with throat cancer
and was told that he only had one year to live..

Robin did everything that he could to keep busy
and not think about what kinda future he would have.
From June to August 2008, those two months
were filled with fun and laughter for both
Robin and Norm and Robin's family.

The week before his passing, Norm and Robin and his
brothers and brother-in-law went golfing.
The following week Robin past away.

During those two months, is when I first became acquainted
with Robin. I had heard of him, but never really met him.
I found Robin to be a very caring person and
very understanding, and a lot of fun.
Robin was in a hurry, to get things done immediatly. 
 After all, there wasn't a whole lot of time left for him.

Robin had commissioned me to create an etched glass
design for his bathroom, (now that Norm had fixed it for him).
I wanted to make a few designs to submit, but only one
preliminary design was created, that he would see and approve.
 I wasn't sure if there was enough time or not for me to finish it. 
I really didn't know how much time he had left with us.
The morning of August 3, 2008, as I was working on the
etched piece, we received a call from his sister, Penny
that he was gone.  Gone to be with his father (Jimmy Boyce,
and his brother-in-law, Grant Phillips).

All I could do was stare at the piece that I was working on.
Later that day, I went by his house to water the
 flowers, to keep them from dying, and to say good by.
The day before he died, he asked Norm  and I to
 do one last task for him. We went shopping for a
 big red wagon and a lot of beach toys
for his 9 grandchildren.

Sometimes in our lives there are people who touch us so
deeply, that we cannot forget them. If only for a brief
moment in time that they pass through the very depths of
our souls, and somehow make a difference of who we are
and what our purpose in life is as well as theirs.

A man who spread joy and happiness for his family and
friends, will sorely be missed, if not deeply missed.
For the brief moment that Robin touch my life, I will never forget him.
For those that he leaves behind that he shared so much with.
Keep on Dancin!
Many thanks to Laura for opening her house to us and many others.

Until we all met on the other side Robin!
So long PAPA. B.

Robin leaves behind many brothers, sisters, daughters, grandchildren, neices, nephews, his long time love, Laura and his mother, aunt Dode
Catch you later ROBIN!!