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KCG Designs

Snowflake #39 - Children's Wear

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Unique Designs for Children

White lace blouse/black leggings - 1-6x - blouse - $35.00, leggings - $26.00


Tiny french cotton print - 2-4 - $48.00

Yellow/White striped blouse - 1-6x - $30.00

Tiny french print with sheer overlay/bonnet - 1-5 - $90.00

White tailored shirt/red and white checked pants - 1-6x - shirt - $35.00, pants - $30.00

All children's wear designs are not being carried though
Savour Faire
241 Henderson Hwy
Winnipeg, Manitoba
This very elite and exclusive line of Children's wear is now
being sold though Savour Faire.
Quantities are very Limited.
To place an order for childrens wear please allow 2-3 weeks for product to arrive. Just email us for confirmation of order telling us exactly what you want and supply name, phone number, and address. Along with size(s) required. Money orders and certified cheques in Canadian funds excepted at this time only.
For wholesale inquiries,
 please contact via email or phone: 204.782.7458

Snowflake #39